This industry requires a high standard of integrity in both underground and overhead ducting. Vapour sealing is paramount. TAB underground ducting is pre-insulated, and vapour wrapped prior to leaving our factory.

On site, all joints are neoprene gasketed and high velocity sealant sealed with great consideration taken to maintaining the vapour seal on all joints. TAB facilities allow manufacture and installation to client’s specification and drawings or to design and produce drawings for approval. All TAB ducting joints are sealed via rubber internal gaskets or high velocity sealant.

Ducting can be polyester powder coated internally to reduce corrosion and also externally to blend with the fabric of the building, should this be required. TAB are able to supply dehumidification equipment, pumps, controls and ancillaries to provide a complete package.

A long-standing relationship with companies who specialise in the construction of both building fabric and pools enables TAB to supply integrated equipment with the knowledge of full compatibility.

TAB facilities enable us to design, manufacture and install to customer requirements or manufacture and install to customer drawings.

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