TAB have had a long history of designing and producing LST Radiators covers for major suppliers, and we have now developed the range to include robust easy clean, ligature and / or tamper resistant covers for fitting over existing radiators, fan convectors / fan coil heating and cooling units, heat emitters, heating manifolds and perimeter heating in the most arduous of operating environments.

Evolved through many years of experience, the casings feature robust characteristics that extend the longevity of the product making the whole life cost very affordable. Whilst all models reduce the risk of accidental injury including burns and impact trauma, the “S” model is designed to reduce the opportunity for self-harm, the secretion of contraband and reduce the risk of vandalism with the ultimate “U” series for conformity to home office geometrical requirements.

A 27mm radius on all edges for most model ensures minimum impact trauma and resistance to wear and tear whilst a wide rear surface enables a secure wall seal.

The option of key lockable easy clean covers or secured covers with tamper resistant fixings give the user the option depending upon the risks associated with the environment in which the casing is positioned.

A choice of inlet and outlet grille configurations are available.

Radiator Cover Options

Radiator Cover options

The “E” series offers 5.5mm wide finger and pencil proof slots which have been ergonomically designed to prevent the entrapment of children’s fingers. The casing is available in 1.5mm thick steel for schools, hospitals, and dementia care. The casing is available in 2.0mm thick steel for increased rigidity in arduous environments.

The “S” series offers 2.5mm circular ligature resistant apertures. The standard casing is 2.0mm thick steel for hospitals, special schools, and mental health care facilities where ligature and concealment opportunities are minimised for the safety of residents and staff. Designed to adopt the requirements of the department of health HDN 03-01: Paragraphs 9.2 and 9.3.

The “U” series offers 2.0mm circular holes on a 4mm diagonal pattern for vandal resistant compliance with Home Office Police Buildings Design Guide – Custody July 2009 Section PD3.02.14

A wide range of options and ancillary products are available e.g., the TAB unique anti-ligature external TRV control to allow residents to control the radiator without risk of ligature.

In addition to the extended range of radiator casings, pipe boxing, ducting and underfloor heating plates are available.

Whilst designed for radiators and heating elements, the casings can be adapted to cover any exposed services, with air conditioning and underfloor heating manifolds being prime examples.

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