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Sheet Metal Fabrications

TAB was originally formed as a general sheet metal fabricating shop. As the company has grown we have diversified into specialist sections within the industry.

However the core business of forming and folding sheet metal fabrications is still a major part of the group, with out CNC cutting, forming and folding facilities and our extensive range of other equipment (including plasma cutters, stud welders, spot welders, tube benders, ring rollers, etc) we are able to produce prototype one off's or regular batch work (either small or large) with repeatable accuracy and finish.

All products are quality control inspected during each stage of manufacture and again prior to leaving our works.

We are able to manufacture directly from supplied drawing or provide a design and manufacture facility. This could be from a basic idea scribbled on a notepad. We would then take the concept idea and nurture it with the client, providing sketches or drawings for approval ensuring that the prototype eventually produced is exactly to the clients requirements.

With the vast knowledge and experience within the Group we are always able to find the right solution for our client quickly and effectively.

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